Tasha Manufacturing Company is a 100% private, family owned company in Ahwaz, Khozestan. With a total area 84,000 square meters, it is a leading industrial company in the field of designing and manufacturing of heavy industrial components for the Energy and Steel industry. It specializes in engineering, procurement and construction of Pressure Vessels, Air Coolers, Heaters/Reformers, Exchanger, Skids/Packages, Flares, Storage Tanks and Towers. 
Tasha currently employs 550 highly qualified personnel, which have helped the company gain it’s reputation in providing high quality equipment in a great variety of alloys and procedures for some of the most specialized and demanding application. 
Tasha keeps adopting to global industrial demands and is always looking to add to their product line and keep up with the design and technological trends of industrial components. Tasha’s management is constantly investing in new technologies, and we are proud of utilizing these advanced machinery to manufacture products according to the latest international standards. 
With its manufacturing sites in Southern Iran and located just an hour away from international waters, Tasha is at the heart of Iran’s Energy industry.

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