Quality Control

At Tasha manufacturing Co. Quality Control Department is responsible for making sure the end product meets the requirements of the project. They ensure the required quality exists in every step of the project from raw material procurement, production of equipment to the end product inspection using the required standards and procedures. Major QC activities include:

– Making sure the project raw material meets the project requirement
– Dimension checking throughout the entire production life-cycle
– Applying the required NDT activities using the latest equipment based on the QC plan
– Applying the required DT activities using the most qualified local and foreign laboratories
– Controlling all levels of welding using the following personnel qualifications:

– Radiography Test level III SNT-TC-1A
– Magnetic Particle Test Level III SNT-TC-1A
– Welding International Engineer IIW
– Radiography Test level II SNT-TC-2A
– Visual Welding Inspection Level II SNT-TC-1A
– Ultrasonic Test Level II SNT-TC-1A
– Liquid Penetrant Test Level II SNT-TC-1A
– Magnetic Particle Test Level II SNT-TC-1A
– Certificate Welding Inspection

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