Technical Office

Tasha Manufacturing Co. benefits from skilled and experienced experts in field of thermal, mechanical and structural engineering. Using the latest codes and ASME, API, TEMA, ANSYS, BS, DIN, ASTM and NACE standards they are able to design and application of Flare Packages, Air Coolers, Pressure Vessels, Shall and Tube Exchangers, Storage Tanks, Direct and In-Direct Fire Heaters and all other Oil, Gas and Petrochemical static equipment. Tasha�s technical office is equipped with all required software for any design application:

  • Pressure Vessel & Towers: P.V Ellite, Nozzle Pro, ANSIS
  • Flare Packages: Flare SIM, Flare NET, Sap 2000
  • Air Cooler: Company Developed Software, HTRI or HTFS, X-Steel, Sap 2000 or E Tabs
  • Shell and Tube Exchangers: ASPEN Bjack
  • Storage Tanks: Tank, Tasha Developed Software
  • Direct Fire Heaters: HTRI or HTFS, Sap 2000

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