Storage Tanks

Tasha Manufacturing Co. fabricates different type of storage tanks with single wall or double wall.

Tanks for a particular fluid are chosen according to the flash-point of that substance. Generally in refineries and especially for liquid fuels, there are fixed roof tanks, and floating roof tanks.

Tasha Manufacturing Company manufactures fixed roof and floating roof tanks.

  1. Fixed roof tanks are meant for liquids with very high flash points, Cone roofs, dome roofs and umbrella roofs are usual. These are insulated to prevent the clogging of certain materials, wherein the heat is provided by steam coils within the tanks. Dome roof tanks are meant for tanks having slightly higher storage pressure than that of atmosphere
  2. Floating roof tanks are broadly divided into external floating roof tanks (usually called as floating roof tanks: FR Tanks) and internal floating roof types (IFR Tanks).

Other classification, which can be made for storage tanks are based upon their location in a refinery:

  • COT- crude oil tankages
  • PIT- product and intermediate storage tankages
  • DISPATCH- dispatch area tankages
  • UTILITIES- tanks made in the powerplant area, for storage water etc
  • OSBL tanks- the first 3 types come under outside battery limit tankages
  • ISBL tanks- these are usually mini tanks which are found in the production units of a refinery(as neutralisation tanks , water tanks etc)

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